19 years CANCER FREE!


Congratulations, Laura on 19 years CANCER FREE! To show support during Breast Cancer Awareness month, we will be selling random pink items. We will donate 20% of every pink item that you buy to help support local families that are going through breast cancer.

We hope to inspire and give hope to families by sharing Laura’s story below. If you know of anyone going through breast cancer please share this story to their page to encourage them to STAY STRONG!

Laura’s story:

I was planning my husbands Surprise 40th Birthday party. You see Rik is a cyclist and loved to travel, so touring the countryside of Vermont on his bike was the perfect trip. The family was traveling and would arrive to greet him on his last leg of the bike tour. This was the perfect plan…But it never happened! Only 48 hours before the trip, I was diagnosed with and aggressive form of Breast Cancer. Rik took me to my favorite place, the ocean. I locked myself in the bedroom, my body felt numb, and at one point I literally pulled my hair to see if I could FEEL anything. The FEAR was overwhelming !

I stood at the window and I could see my three precious sons fill up buckets of sand and water for the sand castle they were constructing together. This life is too beautiful! I dropped to my knees and asked God: “take my breast, take my arms if need be, but please leave my heart, so I can fill it with joy, and my voice, so I could tell my boys how BEAUTIFUL THE WORLD IS” ! Moments later I walked down the stairs, my husband looked up at me and starred, you see, he was looking at a different woman. This woman could move with certainty, could run. HER SPIRIT IGNITED INTO A ROARING FLAME ! I had a new-found spirit!! You see, my friends, this Vignette is my life story! God lead me through a process without chemotherapy or radiation. However, I did make a radical decision to have a double mastectomy; and I am happy to announce that I have just celebrated 19 years cancer free.

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