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At Wheat Berry Café & Juice Bar – We love people. We love food. We love a beautiful presentation.

Our mission is to provide our customers a diverse menu, vegan, artfully prepared, and with the finest organic ingredients. We are committed to create cold pressed juices with the highest quality organic ingredients. We are excited at Wheat Berry to connect with our customers on their journey towards healthy living. Wheat Berry Café and Juice Bar – healthy decadence!








Our Community Herbalist Shannon Nichols

Master Herbalist

Upon graduating from the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Psychology, Shannon craved complimentary studies related to health and well-being. She was truly inspired by the plant biology and ethnobotany courses she took in college and she decided to take her studies further.

She graduated from the Community Herbalist Program which gave her knowledge and training in client and herbalist consultations, diagnostics, first aid herbal care, herbal care for children and elderly clients, preventative herbal healing, and much more. Her focus is primarily on adaptogenic/tonic herbs. Adaptogenic herbs help us adapt to physical, emotional, environmental, and psychological stressors.

Shannon’s strives to create the highest quality herbal medicine based on the client’s needs, to provide open communication and expansive herbal consultations, and to allow for the spread of this ancient and beautiful knowledge of plant medicine.