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Snickerdoodle Elixir

Stop by the cafĂ© this month to try the delicious Snickerdoodle Elixir!The elixir contains: banana, cashew mylk, almond butter, cinnamon, vanilla,... Read More »

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December Elixir

Gingerbread Elixir

This month, our featured elixir is Gingerbread Elixir!This delicious elixir contains  antioxidants, and it is rich in vitamin E, vitamin D, vitam... Read More »

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Ginger Pear Smoothie

This month, try our pear, oatmeal, ginger, cinnamon & honey smoothie!This delicious elixir is an excellent source of fiber, vitamin C, vitamin... Read More »

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Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss, particularly when vegetable juices are emphasized, is one way to ensure that you choose a healthy weight loss regimen that do... Read More »

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