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The Beauty Of Aromatherapy And Why It’s Been Used For Centuries

(NaturalNews) Defined as the "skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health," aromatherapy has been around for centur... Read More »

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Detox with Himalayan Salt

Your skin is an excretory organ that mirrors the condition of your intestines. When you take a salt water (brine) bath, the salt minerals penetrate yo... Read More »

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Our Cold Press Juicing Process

At Wheat Berry we use a hydraulic press that squeezes slowly and evenly. This means juice is extracted without over-crushing cells or creating unwante... Read More »

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Boosting Your Energy Level With Raw Foods

Overloading the body with one huge meal is very detrimental to one’s overall energy level. It causes all the body’s energy to be drawn toward the ... Read More »

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